Choosing the Right Business Name in a Digital World

Back in the old days, you merely had to fashion together a massive, explanatory sign above your company to make your business concept known to past customers. Those days have long gone. Now, it’s more important than ever to come up with a winning business strategy that helps you find the perfect name, one that’s endlessly memorable for building a large customer base and easy to maneuver in the ever-growing digital space.

Have trouble choosing the best name for your business venture? Here are some things to consider before you make your final decision.

Make It Easy to Read for Small Smartphone Screens

Web designs and their content all had to adjust to the onset of mobile phone usage, so creating responsive websites that could adapt to any shape or size of the screen became a much-needed feature for businesses everywhere. This also meant having to find ways to make a business name stand out from the screen, whether it be through larger, clearer fonts or bold, colorful imagery that left a lasting impression.

When you name your business, you must design a logo that’s easily visible and readable in a short amount of time, as phone users are merely glancing at it before they scroll to the next ad or web page.

Be Blunt About What You’re Selling, or Risk Confusion

Companies can’t afford to be confusing about their purpose these days, as people’s attention spans are slight and they won’t want to take the time to investigate your brand unless you give them a reason to.

Businesses like, AutoZone, and Camping World all make it fairly easy for customers to understand what they’re in for when they visit their websites. However, other huge corporate names like Amazon and Starbucks are much harder to determine by name alone, and only managed to stay relevant with the masses due to clever marketing, business strategy, and popular demand.

Keep Your Web Domain Name Short

Developing business webpages with a long, drawn-out URL address can be a turn-off for audiences, and studies show that short, direct domain names get more traffic than longer company-name URLs. For this reason, you should opt for something short and sweet, a company name that gets to the point and makes your purpose obvious while still offering a clever, catchy title that lingers on minds everywhere.

All in all, if your product or service is worthy of your customer’s attention, your company’s name shouldn’t be a deal breaker. However, creating a winning business strategy means covering all angles of your marketing options, and the right business name really can make all the difference in the long run.


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