3 Ways to Build Customer Trust

Customer trust is important for all companies, especially new startups that are not associated with a franchise or larger brand. This is because these newer businesses generally rely more heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. The customer relationship is also important for startups because they often rely on their own clientele to help them get off the ground. In addition to purchasing the products or services that a startup sells, members of the public who are excited about a new business will sometimes invest in that business. Here are three ways to build customer trust.

  1. By Being Transparent

There are reasons why companies need to keep some things hidden. For example, companies want to protect their intellectual property and ideas from being used or stolen by competitors. That said, businesses should be as transparent and honest as possible with the public. Some ways to do this include:

  • Avoiding making false claims in advertising or when speaking to potential clients
  • Letting customers know right away if you discover that a product is defective
  • Being straightforward about the reasons a product or service costs what it does

Being honest and transparent about your products and services costs nearly nothing to a business but pays off in big ways in terms of the customer relationship.

  1. By Taking Feedback Seriously

Often, companies ask for customer feedback in vain, never really using constructive criticism to improve the business. Let patrons know that you care about them and act on all feedback when feasible. For example, if you run a social media page, respond to all feedback, whether it is positive or negative. This can simply be in the form of a short reply containing one or two sentences. Also, reach out to recent customers about their experience with your products or services rather than waiting for them to come to you with a complaint.

  1. By Providing Quality Goods and Services

Along with great customer service, providing excellent products and services is the bread and butter of nearly every company. Use feedback to improve what it is that you sell, and you can be confident in what you are offering to buyers. Members of the public will be more likely to invest in your business if they feel that the products and services are high-quality and something that many people will want to continue to purchase for years to come.

If you are starting a business, keep these three things in mind as you build trust among your clientele.


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